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Fish School 2

Here are a couple of beta screen shots so you can see the new game in progress...


The Fish School 2 game isn't quite done yet, but we're getting really close! It includes some really cool features.

  • Dragging fish along their paths with the mouse gives you intuitive control.
  • Arbitrary fish paths, including curves and loops add a new dimension.
  • It includes an editor for building your own levels.
  • Importing and exporting custom levels lets you share your creations with friends.
  • It uses the new Microsoft XNA game development environment, so it would be possible to port to the Xbox 360 somewhere down the line.

The game should be done and ready to go by the middle of the summer (2007). If you want to get ready early, be sure to have the .NET runtime 2.0 installed. It can take a while to get it downloaded from Microsoft and installed.


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