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Fish School


Free Game! Version 1.4 is completely free for the full version of the game. Gaze back into the scary past of game development and be amazed.

Screen shots

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size screen shots of a scrambled 8 school screen, solved 2 school screen, and solved 8 school screen.



Fish School has simple rules with maddeningly complex solutions. It's a completely new puzzle game where your goal is to get all the different colors of fish into their own schools by pushing entire rows and columns of fish at a time. The tricky part is you must do it for all of the colors at the same time. It starts out easy with just two colors of fish, but gets gradually harder by adding a new color of fish at each new level.

A training mode is included so you can learn some of the necessary tricks and techniques on a gentle learning curve before heading out to set your own personal records for either time or number of moves.

With the registered version, your best times and best number of moves per level are stored so you can play to beat your own high scores or brag to your friends about your elite fish schooling skills.

Free Bonus Features

  • Saves and updates your records as you play in both timed mode and limited moves mode.
  • Allows you to quickly skip forward or back to any level you have already reached.
  • Allows you to skip to any of the 15 tutorial screens rather than going through from the beginning each time.

System Requirements

Fish School does not require DirectX to run. It works best on systems with at least a middle-of-the-road graphics card where it can reach a good frame rate, but will run on pretty much any windows system.

Recommended minimums for best playability are a 400 MHz CPU and an accelerated 3D graphics card (since those cards handle 2D images faster as well).

Should you have older hardware, the game will dynamically adjust some visual details to maintain a better frame rate.


So, how exactly did I come up with this idea? It's pretty strange, actually. It was shortly after Christmas 2003, and we had some of those candy bead necklaces sitting around that hadn't all been given to the kids. I noticed that some colors came in bunches, and others were spread out. I got to wondering how you could score such a necklace, where you could eat certain beads out to get larger sets of adjacent colors to match. (I was a bit bored at the in-law's house.)

From there the idea went into the back of my head for a couple of months, popping out occasionally to transform a little bit more, then recede back into the shadows. It migrated from a linear set to a 2D grid. I tried several themes, all of which were miserable. What could I use for the little colored bits that need to match up? Then the theme of Fish School popped out and changed it form a quirky idea to something that could really appeal to puzzle gamers.

From there, all it took were some suggestions from friends on how to make it more friendly and usable, and voila! Fish School was born.

Version 1.0: Initial release.

Version 1.1: Updated so the executable contains version information, and removed an unneeded registration menu item after the game is already registered.

Version 1.2: Included an extra DLL for those who don't have it on their system.

Version 1.3: Orders placed through the web store were having difficulties.

Version 1.4: Made it completely free, with just a web page launch at the end to list sponsors and show you other things you may want to try out.

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