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Infix Games specializes in a brainier sort of game, but that's okay since you look like the brainier sort of person to me. Please browse through the site, visit the game pages, then download and play games! Our Fish School games are entirely free, being supported by advertising sponsors, while others have downloadable demos you can use to try before you buy.

Fish School

Even though Fish School 1 can seem a little archaic and clunky compared to the sleek and uber Fish School 2, I'm leaving it available for several reasons. First, it should run on just about anything. Second, it was a great test-bed for some of the ideas I put into Fish School 2, so it has sentimental value to me. Third, Fish School 2 isn't done yet. :)

Fish School 2

Yup, here it is. The place I've applied all the cool ideas that came out of the first game.


This was written by friends of mine who have worked in the commercial game industry for lots of years. This is one my kids have spent a lot of time playing through the simpler paths. If you want complexity, it's got that too.


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